Ayrshire Senior

Seniors entries in grading order as at 30th September 2019.

I used grading list produced by Grading officer for October 2019

Eight players in all

Stephen Hamilton, Ayr 1633
Ian Muir, Kilmarnock 1591
Siegrun Macgilchrist, Carrick 1493
John Montgomery, Stewarton 1441
Roy Henderson, Kilmarnock 1194
Alex MacDonald, Largs 1116
Ron McCormick, Kilmarnock 1094
Stephen Heggie, Largs 1036

So first round will be:-

Stephen Hamilton vs Roy Henderson
Ian Muir vs Alex MacDonald
Siegrun Macgilchrist vs Ron McCormick
John Montgomery vs Stephen Heggie

Round 1
Stephen Hamilton 1-0 Roy Henderson (W)
Ian Muir 1-0 Alex MacDonald (B)
Siegrun Macgilchrist 1-0 Ron McCormick (W)
John Montgomery 1-0 Stephen Heggie (B)

Round 2
Stephen Hamilton draw Siegrun Macgilchrist
Allegro rematch Stephen Hamilton won
Ian Muir 0-1 John Montgomery

Stephen Hamilton vs John Montgomery
To be played by end of March 2020

See entry form for details of colours, time controls and what happens if match is a draw.

Both players to agree venue and date but must email myself at least two days before match is scheduled.

Any queries come back to me please.

John Montgomery